2022 Voting List


The 2022 Voting List was recently approved at the ASHOF Board meeting on September 9.  Join and vote for your favorite nominees!  Voting Ballots will be mailed in late September and will be due back no later than October 31, 2021.  You may join and vote up to the deadline as long as your ballots are postmarked or emailed by October 31, 2021.  Thank you for supporting the ASHOF!”

Voting List

BIOS Regular Voting List 

BIOS Senior Voting List

Regular Voting List

Barnett, Fred

Beck, Corey

Bock, Kirk

Carter, Keith

Cherico, Tony

Court, Jon

Crowder, Carla

Day, Glen

Foster, Barry

Gay, Tyson

Glasbrenner, Jeff

Harris, Jackie

Herbert, Mike

Hillis, Peyton

Jackson, Myron

Jones, Felix

Jones, Matt

Kazee, Tim

King, Jeff

Knight, Todd

Lasker, Greg

Lee, Keith

Lewis, Beverly

Lunney Jr., Barry

Nutt, Dennis

O'Keefe, Jack

Peters, Jason

Roberts, Dawn (Grell)

Rouse, James

Sales, Roland

Shabazz, Basil

Shibest, James

Shirey, Amber (Nicholas)

Spearmon, Wallace

Stewart, George

Stoerner, Clint

Stricklen, Shekinna

Sullivan, Steve

Swinton, Reggie

Taylor, Brad

Taylor, Janet

Taylor, Shauna

Thorvilson, Leah

Trainor, Kendall

Walker, Jimmy

Williams, DeAngelo

Williams, Kevin

Senior Voting List

Alexander, Cecil

Allen, Fred

Barnes, Jim

Bell, Richard

Benson, Gary

Berry, Dr. Clyde

Blair, Paul

Brasher, Tommy

Bull, Scott

Busby, John "Bo"

Campbell, Louis

Carroll, Ron

Christian, Don

Cochran, George

Compton, Van

Dempsey, Don

Dickey, George "Skeeter"

Dickey, James

Dunkum, Bill

Ebbs, Danny

Flannigan, Al

Gilbert, Morgan

Gravett, Bob

Hackbarth, Herman

Harris, Ed

Hines, David

Hines, Glen Ray

Isom, Mike

Jones, Rick

Kossover, David

Lee, Louis

Lollar, Tim

Maxwell, Bruce

McClard, Bill

McCollum, David

Nixon, Larry

Register, Ellis "Scooter"

Riggs, Don

Strange, Vance

Tice, Tommy

Wallace, Doyle

Walton, Larry

White, Delores Brumfield "Dolly"