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The Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame is pleased to announce our 2020 Voting List.  Our Selection Committee met in June of this year to compose the list and our Board reviewed and approved the final Voting List at our September 12th Board meeting.  The ballots will be mailed in the next couple of weeks and will include the ballots for the Regular and Senior divisions along with the bios for each candidate.  Instructions will be provided on how to complete your ballot.  Please consider joining the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame and vote for your favorite candidates.  You may join online our website here. The deadline for completed ballots to be returned to the ASHOF is October 31, 2019.  You may join up to any point that you are able to complete our ballots and return those to the ASHOF office by the October 31st deadline.  If you have any questions regarding the voting process, please contact the ASHOF at (501) 313-4158.